C. B. Stealth Express Inc.

Premier Delivery Service
We do our best to insure prompt and legal hauling of your goods throughout Canada. We believe that we are big enough to meet your needs but still retain that close family environment that makes things work so smoothly.

We have many years of experience in the food and Transportation business. We have in excess of 100 temperature controlled vehicles equipped with state of the art GPS devices.

About Us:

Started in 1998 this marks 20 years for Stealth in the food transportation industry. We specialize in refrigerated expedite throughout Ontario but not limited to. Over the years we have expanded our expertise into not just expedited transport but being the all around one stop shop for frozen, fresh & dry storage, distribution, transportation and we are always learning and expanding into new avenues of the food logistics industry. We are a family owned and operated business and as much as we grow we still manage to have that close family feel extended to our staff, drivers, customers and more.

Refrigerated Expedite Cube Vans, Trucks, Tandems, Tailgated Vehicles, Tractor Trailers

Competitive rates

We service the GTA and all of Ontario

All Vehicles GPS & temperature tracked, HOS ready

20,000 square foot of Dry, Fresh & Frozen storage space at our facility

Warehouse is video and temperature monitoured by 3rd party company

Generator to run entire facility

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