InMotion Global releases improvement to TMS software

InMotion Global, Inc. announced AscendTMS released a new commission and branch split management system available for TMS software.

The new module is provided as an included feature of the Premium AscendTMS subscription. It allows carriers and freight brokers to setup and manage a variety of sales commission and branch split programs, along with full commission overrides on a load-by-load basis, the company noted.

Tim Higham, president and CEO of InMotion Global, Inc. said, “Commissions and sales incentives are the life-blood of all successful carriers and freight brokers. So, we designed our new commissions system to let the sales team monitor their own successes in real-time. Any commissioned sales representative can see exactly what has been paid, what is owed, and what their future commissions are expected to be. Better still, sales managers don’t need to be asked to run commission reports, the sales reps can do it themselves any time they wish.”

Higham continued, “Whether you have one sales person or one thousand, this new AscendTMS feature gives you a happier and more productive sales force, which translates into more revenue and more profit. That’s why AscendTMS is the fastest-growing TMS in the world today. Never again will sales reps question their commissions or their branch split. AscendTMS does everything and it’s perfectly accurate every single time.”

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