Keller announces software fix for roadside inspections

J.J. Keller & Associates said it released a software update that fixes data transfer issues some electronic logging devices were experiencing during roadside inspections.

The updates allow for the transmission of log data during a roadside inspection.

“The drivers were having issues getting the data over to the roadside inspectors,” said Tom Reeder, the company’s director of marketing. “The updates we’ve provided have alleviated that. We’re seeing the transmissions come through cleanly, and that’s what we were expecting.”

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration had previously granted a short-term exemption for carriers and drivers using certain J.J. Keller ELDs to record hours of duty status. That exemption was scheduled to expire on Feb. 28.

Reeder said the company “personally called” all of its fleet ELD customers to inform them that updates were available. The company also sent out roadside inspection “help cards” to address any other questions about using the devices during roadside inspections.

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